February 04, 2010
Preparing for DC's "Snowmageddon"
Posted by Lisa Fairfax
We here in the DC region are preparing for what a Washington Post meteorologist has called  "Snowmageddon," with others referring to the coming snowstorm as "Snowpocalypse."  Metereologists are predicting over 1 to 2 feet of snow, and that we will see "a high-impact storm any way you cut it.  Heavy wet snow. . may lead to numerous power outages," bringing " wind and near-blizzard (or even blizzard) conditions."  The Washington Post warns to "be prepared to be stuck where you are for at least 24-48 hours, if not longer."  Which of course means that everyone was in the grocery store today, emptying out many shelves.  I had the pleasure of spending an entire hour in line, though I am never quite sure what I am stocking up on.  In any event, snow is predicted to start accumulating around 9 a.m. tomorrow and not let up until Saturday.  If the predictions are correct, meteorologists say that "a historic event is in the cards."  I'll let you know how we weather the snowmageddon.

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