February 16, 2010
The First Annual Glom Un-Contest: Create a Tagline for Wall Street 2
Posted by Erik Gerding

I wanted to sponsor the Glom’s first annual Reader Movie Contest, but some of my co-bloggers had the “What if we threw a party and no one came” concern. The six of us must have had very different experiences in high school. When I threw a party, I was floored if anyone actually showed up.

So here is the First Annual Glom Uncontest: No prizes* -- unless I want to give you one:

Readers send your suggested tagline for the new Oliver Stone sequel, Wall Street 2.

What’s a tagline? It’s that pithy phrase on the movie poster designed to lure you into the movie theater. As Christine noted in an earlier post, the current tagline “Money Never Sleeps” just doesn’t cut it. (You can also submit something that would go into the movie trailer. You know, that profundity intoned by the guy with the baritone voice that always abuses parallelism: “In a world without provolone, they would be the provolone of the world…”)

Have no idea what the movie will be about? Who cares! Just make up a tagline that describes the financial crisis.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Wall Street 2: It’s all derivative.
  • Wall Street 2: Shipwrecked on Black Scholes
  • Wall Street 2: Who Shot AIG? (an Oliver Stone film)
  • Wall Street 2: at least it’s not one of those ridiculous Michael Douglas gets victimized by a woman plots
  • Wall Street 2: It’s like Platoon but with Hugo Boss costumes
  • Wall Street 2: Confused by the financial crisis? Let Oliver Stone tell you what to think.

Submit your entries in the comments below!

* No purchase necessary. Void in New Hampshire.

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