April 26, 2010
Glad to be here!
Posted by Tamara Piety

I am so glad to be invited to guest blog on The Conglomerate! I have been a devoted reader for some time because I have found it to be a "one stop shop" for legal news of all kinds, plus stuff that you just don't get everywhere else, like talk about movies and cheese!

At any rate, I am thrilled to participate and I hope I can contribute some food for thought.I am the accidental business associations teacher since my main field is evidence. But I have been writing about commercial speech for some time, which is how I came to teach Basic Corporate and found it may be one of the best (is "funnest" a word?), if also one of the most complicated, subjects to teach. There is never enough time to get around to everything. What shall I drop? Piercing the corporate veil? 10(b)(5)? But one thing is certain; some topic relevant to the course is always in the news. And that is something I find really helps gets students engaged, when they can see breaking stories on issues relevant to the class discussion. (It might be counter-intuitive to those who don't teach business courses, but there is more breaking news in Basic Corp than in Evidence.) 

So thanks Gordon and the gang for having me.

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