May 05, 2010
Georgia wins!
Posted by Usha Rodrigues

While we're on the subject of transactional doings in the state of Georgia, I thought I'd pen a long overdue post on my own school's accomplishments (especially since our illustrious visitor-to-be just gave us a a shout-out).  As Dave blogged, in March many of we Glommers convened for The First Annual Transactional Lawyering Meet, hosted by friend-of-Glom Karl Okamoto. What I didn't tell you was: Georgia won!  Well, we tied with the excellent team from Indiana University Maurer School of Law – Bloomington.  I was delaying blogging about it until this National Law Journal article came out...and then there were exams to write...papers to know the drill.

I don't think it's any accident that, out of an impressive field of opponents, these two teams--both from flagship state universities-- came out on top.  Not only are our students academically gifted, they also have very little of that sense of entitlement that I hear so many of my colleagues in other schools complain about.  We offer courses in the basic skills Larry and Joan advocate--from accounting and finance to drafting and negotiating, and our 2 students, Patrick Baldwin and Rachel Jones, had taken all of them.  They were eager to learn about letters of intent and M&A transactions, and they put in long hours simply because they wanted to learn and excel.  They epitomize the best of Georgia Law, and I'm proud of them.

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