June 29, 2010
Behind Every Great Supreme Court Justice. . . .
Posted by Christine Hurt

I've never met the Ginsburgs, so anything I know of the 50-plus year marriage of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Martin Gisnburg is from the media or mutual acquaintance.  However, their story (as told here and here), sounds familiar to me, yet still rare.  How many of us have friends who married in the middle of their educational or professional journeys, moved for one spouse, then the other, then the other again, with one spouse eventually finding a dream job and the other a wildest dream job?  These are great partnership stories.  I love them.  I have one of them.

Much has been said lately about how Justice Sonia Sotomayor and now General Elena Kagan may or may not be good role models for so many working women, particularly working women attorneys, because they have neither spouses nor kids.  They may have different daily concerns that push and pull them, but they don't know how we are pushed and pulled.  But of course Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and Justice Ginsburg had these pushes and pulls, but we didn't really watch them in real time.  Unlike senators and Presidents and reality TV stars, Supreme Court Justices live their private lives mostly private.  So, undoubtedly Justice Ginsburg has a lot in common with a other working women I know, but I never really thought about it before. 

But back to the Ginsburgs.  Their marriage seems to embody the only romantic advice I think I can give my children:  Marry your biggest fan.  I did.

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