June 01, 2010
Peter Kraus and Law and Society
Posted by David Zaring

Peter Kraus, who managed to become the best paid investment banker in America last year, while failing his way to AllianceBernstein, is the subject of the latest "I hate bankers" profile in the New York Post, though the lesson might be more that those with law degrees should make like Lloyd Blankfein and trade them in for finance jobs whenever possible.  Kraus spends his money on Park Avenue apartments, awesome clothes and watches, and modern art.  It is a fun read.  But his handlers were bonkers to permit it while Andrew Cuomo is investigating the guy.

Like Gordon, I think Law and Society has good options for the business oriented scholar - and one of the best panels I attended during the conference was an explicitly pre-tenure panel.  If you want to know where scholarship is headed, you can do a lot worse than to hear the research agendas of those soon to be on the job market.  It's something that AALS and ALSB do not provide - though, to their credit, I think you can find it at CELS, ALEA, and CLEA.  It's part of the mix of a good conference.

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