July 20, 2010
Dodd-Frank Forum: is there anything I would keep?
Posted by Account Deleted

Erik Gerding asks me this question. My answer is that somewhere in the 2000+ pages there must be something, but offhand I'm not prepared to say what. 

What I can do is propose a three part test for finding such provisions:

  1. What provisions are likely to make us better off in the long run? 
  2. Of these provisions, which would the markets have done a better job handling in the long run?

I should add that even if there are such provisions, I'd still want to know whether they were worth setting in motion the inevitably massive horse-trading/sausage-making process that led to the adoption of so many clearly bad provisions.  In other words, the law must be evaluated as a whole.  

Now you can appreciate my skepticism. 

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