July 16, 2010
"The rise of a new generation of Mormons"
Posted by Gordon Smith

Being in London rekindled my interest in reading the Financial Times, and I renewed my subscription just in time to catch an article entitled "The rise of a new generation of Mormons." (I don't pay for much content on the Internet, but the WSJ and the FT seem worth the money.) The article is a bit scattershot, containing a mix of Church history, feature biography, and sociological analysis, but the main thrust seems to be that Mormons are going to take over the world:

The majority of LDS members are now abroad. Building a professional elite in foreign cultures may prove harder than winning success in all-American environments like Wall Street. But, interestingly, LDS is especially fast-growing in countries with dynamic economies, particularly Brazil. 

In a corridor of the LDS Missionary Training Centre there’s a plaque listing the dozens of languages taught to missionaries who study there – including Cebuano, Hmong and Tagalog. Next to it is a world map showing the countries in which the church operates, highlighted in bright colours. Only China and a handful of Middle-Eastern states remain grey. The last century saw a Mormon conquest in America. During our lifetimes, we may see the rest of the world follow, too.

And here I was just hoping that BYU could get into a BCS football conference.

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