October 25, 2010
Red Owl, Mary Tyler Moore, and The Paper Chase
Posted by Gordon Smith

I was teaching Hoffman v. Red Owl today in Contracts. In doing some background research, I found the Red Owl entry on Wikipedia, which mentioned that Mary Tyler Moore can be seen in a Red Owl meat department in the introduction to her show. Sure enough ... at the 0:26 mark you can spot the Red Owl logo in the upper right hand corner:

Listening to the theme song got me all nostalgic for the early 1970s. When I was growing up in Osseo, Wisconsin, we didn't have many television stations -- just NBC, CBS, and public television, unless your family had a UHF antenna, which brought in ABC -- but TV was an important part of our social lives, such as they were. For me, television theme songs are the soundtracks of my childhood.

One of my favorite theme songs from the 1970s is from the mostly forgotten series The Paper Chase, which fueled my interest in going to law school. Performed by Seals and Crofts, the song's lyrics would feel comfortable on a greeting card, but I loved that show!

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