January 19, 2011
Contracts v. Corps Casebooks
Posted by David Zaring

Larry Cunningham has a nice post on contracts casebooks, with a little Amazon data to back it up.  Bainbridge, who has the best selling corporations casebook, take a different view about the best way to assess their merits - lean and mean are his bywords.  Read the comments too, if you're interested in that sort of thing.  I've been thinking about the issue of casebook concision lately, especially since at Wharton, we teach such concise courses that there's literally not a concise enough casebook in existence to support them.  We accordingly have put together our own stripped down materials in most of the classes I'm aware of.  And it strikes me that this is a problem for the short courses that surely will only grow in number in law as well as business schools.  Is there's a good couple-week course casebook?  I'm not sure that many are made at all - perhaps that's the next growth sector for the textbook industry.

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