January 04, 2011
More On SSRN's Many Top Tens
Posted by David Zaring

Last week, Christine and I were deluged with emails announcing our appearance on various SSRN top ten lists for various of our articles.  I evinced some surprise that there were so many of these lists, and that they didn't appear to be too selective, especially given their seeming affection for the humble work of the likes of me, who has made a new year's resolution to actually pass that online remedial grammar class I keep retaking (the most selective and elite lists in the world would still clearly accomodate my co-blogger).

Anyway, you can't say that the Glom can't get results.  We'll let SSRN explain, as they did in a recent email to me:

We apologize for sending you one or more incorrect email messages last week. While testing some new functionality, our servers sent "Top Ten" emails to the top one hundred downloaded papers in certain ejournals instead of the top ten.

Heck, I'm surprised I made so many top hundreds.  We'll see if SSRN amends that to a top ten thousand next week.

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