January 19, 2011
Update on Crowdsourced Rankings
Posted by Gordon Smith

If you want to do a crowdsourced ranking, it's probably best not to post it on the Saturday of a three-day weekend, when blog traffic is very low. Nevertheless, thanks to links by Instapundit, Leiter, and The Faculty Lounge, the law school rankings now have over 45,000 votes from 1025 user sessions. By comparison, Brian Leiter's now-closed rankings of 60 law schools had 60,540 votes from 1030 user sessions. (Brian blogged about his final rankings here.) 

We would like to see more votes and more voters, so please feel free to start voting here. It's fun!

The current results have Stanford in the lead over second-place Yale, undoubtedly because more people in Silicon Valley know how to use the Internet. The surprise (to me) third-place school is Michigan, followed by Harvard. The state schools generally are making a fine showing in the crowdsourced rankings, with Michigan, Virginia, Texas, and Berkeley all making the Top 10, with four others (UCLA, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Iowa) cracking the Top 20. It will be interesting to see if this holds as the votes accumulate.

Still more surprising, some of the schools left out of the Leiter rankings actually appear among the top 60 law schools. While this may be attributable to strategic voting, it may also have to do with the fact that some of those schools (ahem) have incredible students, dynamic young faculty, and great facilities.

Finally, it appears that the number of people who care about law review rankings is relatively small. So far we have just over 7200 votes, but if you want to rank law reviews, have at it!

UPDATE: Welcome ATL visitors! You are overwhelming, and it appears that Allourideas is not prepared for so much traffic. If you can't get in or can't vote once you are in, I hope you will come back later and vote!

UPDATE2: The servers seem to be more responsive now, and the votes are piling in ... 145,000+ at last check. And the rankings are still adjusting. More analysis on that tomorrow. Thanks to all for voting.

UPDATE3: We have closed the voting on the rankings. You can see our last blog post here, and the final results here

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