February 03, 2011
Go Nonprofit! Go Pack!
Posted by Usha Rodrigues

In honor of the national holiday which is Superbowl Sunday, a few random football-facts:

1. I came to Athens Georgia with no interest in football.  I didn't even understand the game (What do you expect? My father taught at Georgetown during the Patrick Ewing years.  My first sports love is college basketball.).

2. Just last week I categorically refused to attend a book club accidentally scheduled for this Sunday.  yes, it took about 6 years, but football got me.

3. Larry Ribstein imagines, if not an LLC, then an uncorporate Packers, and links to a New Yorker piece extolling the Packers' nonprofitness:

The Packers’ unique setup has created a relationship between team and community unlike any in the N.F.L. Wisconsin fans get to enjoy the team with the confidence that their owner won’t threaten to move to Los Angeles unless the team gets a new mega-dome. Volunteers work concessions, with sixty per cent of the proceeds going to local charities. Even the beer is cheaper than at a typical N.F.L. stadium. Not only has home field been sold out for two decades, but during snowstorms, the team routinely puts out calls for volunteers to help shovel and is never disappointed by the response. It doesn’t matter how beloved the Cowboys are in Dallas; if Jerry Jones ever put out a call for free labor, he’d be laughed out of town.

4. The genesis for my Entity and Identity article was the Green Bay Packers.    

5. I used to own a cheesehead.  And I miss it.

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