February 18, 2011
Should the Justice League of America Incorporate? Or become an LLC?
Posted by Erik Gerding

If there is one thing that can distract me from a crushing load of commitments, it is superheroes.  One of my favorite colleagues, sent me a link to a post on "Superhero Organizations and Business Entities".  The post deals with the question of "what kind of business entity would be best for superhero organizations like the Avengers or the Justice League."

When I get a free moment, I'll add my own nuanced analysis to this under-theorized field to examine the embedded tensions.  For now, several big ticket items are missing from this opening volley of a post.  The big issues with superhero organizations do not concern limited liability (which may be surprising given the tendency of superteams to regularly level Metropolis, Gotham, or NY).  Instead, my empirical data suggest that the most common issues are control ("Will Captain America remain team leader?"), the admission of new members ("Should the Avengers roster be capped at seven?"), and the expulsion of members ("Green Arrow is a loose cannon!"). 

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