June 10, 2011
Contracts Roundtable: Advice to the Rookie
Posted by Usha Rodrigues

I've been equal parts energized and humbled by the wonderful suggestions coming out of this Roundtable.  The posts challenge me to rethink my approach to teaching Contracts and evaluating learning outcomes.  In fact, I plan on implementing some of these changes the next time I teach. 

So don't take this the wrong way.  But my advice to the rookie is: don't try to do too much.  Focus on doing a few things well.

I remember vividly my first Contracts class.  80-some second-semester 1Ls, all looking at me skeptically, expectantly, fearfully, and eagerly.  It was terrifying.  The best piece of advice I got was, "They want to know the person driving the bus knows where she's going."  So figure out where you think you want to go--and pick a relatively simple place the first time around--and every day project that you know where you're going. 

Even if sometimes you don't.

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