June 09, 2011
Contracts Rountable: Introduction
Posted by Erik Gerding

Today we kick off a series of summer roundtables, in which we invite law professors to share their insights and innovations in teaching various business law courses. Today and tomorrow, we will focus on Contracts. In addition to Usha Rodrigues, we will be joined by Larry Cunningham (George Washington), Gillian Hadfield (Univ. of Southern California), and Claire Hill (Minnesota). Erin O’Hara (Vanderbilt) will be making some follow-up comments on the roundtable later in the summer.

We make no warranty (express or implied) as to what our panelists will write about. There are a number of different questions and topics they might talk about, including:

  • Do they expose the students to transactional lawyering in the course?
  • Can we start preparing students to solve problems in a planning mode in addition to a litigation mode in a first year course?  How do we expose students to the "creative" or "craftsmanship" aspects of contract law? 
  • How can we engage students in reading and interpreting (and perhaps even drafting) actual contracts and not just portions of contracts distilled in judicial opinions?
  • If they do introduce a transactional aspect into the course, how do they balance it with the traditional objectives of teaching case law (and perhaps U.C.C.) analysis and blackletter contract law? 
  • Does this course need to fill a special role in the first year curriculum?
  • What can professors do better in this course to prepare students for different types of legal practice?   
  • Do they bring the financial crisis and its contract law dimensions into the course?
  • How do they make your innovations work in an often larger sized first year required course? 

I am eager to read our panelists’ posts.

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