July 18, 2011
Corporations/B.A. Roundtable: Introducing Our Panel
Posted by Erik Gerding

Today and tomorrow we are pleased to host another in our series of summer roundtables on teaching business law courses. We have already been fortunate to have law professors share their insights on teaching Contracts, Banking Law, and Corporate Finance. Today we kick off our Roundtable on Teaching Corporations/Business Associations.

Our own Gordon Smith (BYU) and Lisa Fairfax (George Washington) will be joined by Afra Afsharipour (UC Davis), Kent Greenfield (Boston College), and David Millon (Washington & Lee). As with the previous roundtables, we give our panelists free rein to discuss any aspect of teaching Corporations or Business Associations. Some of the topics they might discuss include:

  • What are the core ideas you want students to take away from the course? What are your core objectives?
  • To what extent should the course include Agency, Partnerships, LLCs, and other unincorporated entities?
  • To what extent do you focus on publicly held corporations versus closely held ones?
  • How do you handle the wide dispersion in students – in terms of both reasons for taking the course (ranging from “it’s on the bar” to “I want to run my own hedge fund”) and background in business or economics? What kind of practice do most of your students aim for?
  • How much do you teach basic economic concepts? What are those concepts? Does this course tend to focus too much on agency costs to the exclusion of other important dynamics?
  • Do you include basics of corporate finance or accounting in the course?
  • To what extent do you cover securities and m&a?
  • How much do you focus on problem solving, problem sets or simulations versus traditional case law analysis? Do you include any other innovations, such as business school style case studies?
  • How much of a transactional versus a litigation focus do you have?
  • How do you approach issues of Corporate Social Responsibility? (I’ll have another post framing some of the issues on this later) Where do you place it in the syllabus? Do you teach Citizens United? Is there any public law intersection in the course?
  • How has the financial crisis changed what you teach or the way you teach?
  • How important is Sarbanes Oxley and Dodd-Frank in your course?

Let’s get started!

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