August 09, 2011
Is the IPO Market Cooling?
Posted by Christine Hurt

So, in case you haven't looked at your retirement savings the past week, stocks have taken a beating lately.  Because of this, stories are popping up suggesting that the tech IPO boom version 2.0 may slow down.  Groupon and Zynga filed registration statements this summer, but have not launched yet.  (Groupon's Amend. No. 1 here; Zynga's Amend. No. 1 here).

So, how have this Spring's tech IPOs fared?  I looked at Zipcar, Linkedin, Pandora and Zillow.  Yes, they have all gone down recently, but all are down from their high trading first days.  Zipcar priced at $18 on April 14, opened at $30 and rose to $31.50.  Today it is $22.  Linkedin priced at $45 on May 19, opened at $83, and rose to $122.  It's at $84.  Pandora priced at $16 on June 15, opened at $20, rose to $26.  It's $13.21.  Zillow priced at $20 on July 20 and opened at $60, its all-time high.  It is now at $26.80.  In keeping with the IPO model, those who were allowed to buy stock at the IPO price are in the best position; investors who purchased the first day of trading, the worst.

And what about the Facebook elephant in the room? 

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