September 09, 2011
First Thing We Do, Is Get Rid Of Some Of The Lawyers?
Posted by David Zaring

Related to our discussion on whether law school is a scam is the question of whether there are too many lawyers and too few jobs. But are there too few lawyers?  That would be the deregulate everything conclusion, and, there is obviously something to it - must you pay a 25 year old 160 grand to search corporate emails for priviledge claims?  Are three years of the Socratic method absolutely necessary to help people draft wills?  &c.

Anyway, The Brookings Institution's Clifford Winston has come out with a study arguing that there is way too much regulation of legal services provision, and that we need more law practitioners, like nurse practitioners or Cuban barefoot doctors.  It doesn't break too much new ground, but I found the study to be provocative.  Here it is, here's Winston talking about it on EconTalk and HuffPost.

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