September 15, 2011
Seeking Baseball Cases
Posted by Bill Callison

Today is Day 4 as guest blogger and I will not post a substantive piece today.  Instead of writing last evening, we celebrated my youngest kid's 11th birthday with his beloved fettucine alfredo and a superhero (Thor) movie.  But tomorrow's piece is written, at least in my head. 

I have an audience participation question for you, the reader.  Assume you were writing a book on cases involving baseball (law, business, econ, society -- see The 'Glom subtitle).  Sure to be a NYT bestseller and to bring fame and fortune to my humble existence.  Maybe even a topic for Jeopardy.  What case or cases would you include?  Why? Post as a comment or send me an email at  I may post any interesting results (without attribution).

Not too surprisingly, I have been thinking of such a book, tentatively have a structure, and will likely start with a non-case - the classic infield fly rule article as illustrative of common law development (a theme of the book), then move to the Stoneham case from the old NY Giant days (brittle corp governance principles, tempered over time by contract concepts coming into corp law).  My partners will be happy to know that more mundane events (like clients and work) have prevented me from getting very far along in this little project.  Hope springs eternal.  

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