October 27, 2011
A Good Day to Surrender to the Feds
Posted by Usha Rodrigues

Apparently, part of the answer to David's question regarding the timing of the arraignment of Raj Gupta's arraignment was Gupta's desire to surrender on Diwali, the Indian festival of lights.  The WSJ quotes a childhood friend Anand "Bill" Julka: "He believes he is innocent and the gods will protect him if humans fail." 

Apropos of Diwalki, this image has been making the Facebook rounds, captioned "India during Diwali NASA."


Which makes it seem like India is all lit up at night during Diwali, which is pretty cool.  According to Business Insider, though, that's not quite right:

The photo is an overlay of shots highlighting India's burgeoning population over several years. The white lights were the only illumination visible before 1992. The blue lights appeared in 1992. The green lights in 1998. And the red lights appeared in 2003.

Current speculation suggests the lights are a result of the Hindu celebration Diwali, or the celebration of lights, held from mid-October to mid-November, but NASA was unable to confirm what time of year the shots were taken.

For his sake, hopefully Gupta's story holds up better than the picture...

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