October 03, 2011
Greetings, and thank you for the guestblogging opportunity!
Posted by David Groshoff

Many thanks to Usha and the others at the Glom for inviting me to guest blog here for several weeks.  I’m excited for this opportunity, not only because I’m a regular reader of the Glom but also because I make the site (along with a few others) mandatory weekly reading in the Business Associations II course that I teach.

My background is fairly well articulated on my school's bio page that Usha posted, but a little more context and color can be found elsewhere for anyone interested.

Regardless, I’ll take this introductiory post as the only time that I'll market Western State University’s College of Law and our upcoming jointly sponsored Business Law Center and Law Review business law Symposium on March 2-3, 2011. 

We’re leveraging the presidential election year with the approximate four-year anniversary of one of the major events that the public has associated with the Great Recession's start — the collapse of Bear Stearns — and asking, “Four More Years?  Looking Backward and Looking Forward regarding the Great Recession and the Law.”

Our Symposium’s goals are to:

(1) provide an opportunity for both scholars and practitioners to reflect on what changes and resulting impacts have occurred relative to the laws, rules, regulations, policies, and bench and bar practices from the start of the Great Recession through today; and

(2) allow presenters to suggest what modifications ought to occur to improve the business law landscape in a shaky economic environment that still is digesting the massive legal changes from the pre-2008 status quo.

More information can be found at the Western State Univeristy Law Review’s website, , or interspersed at the WSU Business Law Center’s facebook page.

If you are a scholar interested in writing/presenting on this topic (in Orange County at what often represents a good time to visit Southern California from many other parts of the nation), we still have a few open spaces for our academic panels, so please feel free to e-mail the Symposium Editor, Brittney Brown, or me as the unofficial Symposium Organizer with any interest or questions!

Thanks again for inviting me to guest blog here at the Glom, I’m looking forward to it!  I will definitely accept Usha’s invitation to talk a little about business law teaching ideas, and I hope that you will find my forthcoming contributions to be beneficial!

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