October 22, 2011
Rounding Third and Heading for Home . . .
Posted by David Groshoff

As I prepare to end my time as a guest here, I want to thank everyone at The Conglomerate for inviting me, a relatively unknown junior business prof, to guestblog at the Glom this month and for allowing me to post my various "Tales of a Fourth Tier Nothing"  regarding business, law, economics, and society.

Unlike some other guestbloggers' more common, traditional, and well-written themes and threads, I attempted to take a more “ripped from the headlines” approach, often in my typical irreverent academic writing style.  And while I didn’t have the time (my own fault) to address a number of breaking items as I would have liked, such as discussing the nexus of business and criminal law via the Raj Rajaratnam conviction for insider trading (without even attempting to push the longstanding debate of whether insider trading should be illegal in general further by inquiring whether times have changed and new investment vehicles demand new policy analytics for these laws), or to talk more about teaching, I’m truly thankful for the experience here at the Glom.  I’d be happy to talk about my tiny little area of expertise -– the teaching of law and economics and finance (or glam metal or National League baseball) -– offline to anyone who would like.  I’m easy to find individually or via the facebook page for Western State's Business Law Center, and, at least in my character as a teacher-first and a scholar-second, I don’t keep a low profile. 

So it's time to say auf widersehen, sayonara, and ciao, my friends; every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.  I look forward to those new beginnings, some of which recently arose here at the Glom, where I've enjoyed meeting -- cybernetically at least -- a number of amazing individuals in the area of business, law, and economics, and the experience has been exciting, challenging, and humbling, so thanks again for allowing me into your awesome corner of the world for a little while. 

I look forward to reading the Glom regularly from the outside -- but with the perspective of a former insider -- just not a Raj Rajaratnam-type of insider.  Until then, I'm rounding third and heading for home.


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