November 05, 2011
"Distributism" Anyone?
Posted by Ronald Colombo

Some bemoan big government.  Others bemoan big business.  What if they're both right?

Therein lies the essence of "distributism," a "third-way" socio-economic philosophy that eschews bigness in general.

An important book in the distributist tradition is E.F. Schumacher's "Small is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered."  A highly credentialed economist, Schumacher challenges the notion that "more is better" - a notion upon which everything seems predicated nowadays.  I found it extremely interesting, and it launched my own personal interest in distributism.

I have kept my developing interest in distributism pretty much to myself given the fact that, well, there aren't too many distributionists out there.  What's the point of talking about something if no one's interested in listening?  But that might be changing.

A Washington Post article from a couple of weeks ago (now available on the Huffington Post) discusses the stirrings of a newfound appreciation of distributionist thought.

Although I'm far from ready to declare myself a "distributionist," I am comfortable admitting that there is much in distributism that strikes me as persuasive.  As such, I certainly hope that distributist thought works its way into our conversations regarding the regulation of business and the role of government. 

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