February 06, 2012
Super (Bowl) Madonna!
Posted by Christine Hurt

In case you live under a rock, there was a big football game last night, and both Madonna and the NY Giants won.  It was a good game, a close game, with a great halftime show.

I am rarely interested in the Super Bowl halftime shows.  The Who?  Bruce Springsteen?  Tom Petty?  The Rolling Stones?  Um, not so much.  But Madonna is something entirely different.  I am the Madonna generation.  I remember seeing "Borderline" on MTV  in 9th grade and thinking "I have got to have that haircut."  Madonna's music is truly the soundtrack to my youth.  The summer I was 16 my favorite song was "Into the Groove," and on Mondays, "Teen Night" at Midnight Rodeo, I would wait and wait for that song to play.  I remember being in London in 1989 when "Express Yourself" was released.  In 1991, I had the most argumentative car ride from Houston to Austin, but I was listening to The Immaculate Collection in the background.

So, I did look forward to halftime, and I was not disappointed.  In fact, it was better than the pessimist in me had predicted.  She did not dress like a 17 year-old (just because you can, doesn't mean you should).  She sang mostly old favorites.  She was great.  I especially loved ending with "Like a Prayer."  Interesting how a song that spawned protests and a Pepsi boycott was the finale of a Super Bowl halftime with hardly a mention.  She must have loved that.

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