March 02, 2012
Good for Georgetown
Posted by Usha Rodrigues

I am a product of 17 years of Catholic education, and although I'm what my nieces term a "Chreaster", if you're raised Catholic, you're always Catholic.  I mean, I know what the Immaculate Conception is, and it's not what you think.

Catholics have been in the news rather a lot the past few years--particularly with the priest sex abuse scandal, and more recently with the debate over contraception.  My sense is that, taking the separation of church and state out of the equation, most Americans just don't get the Church's prohibition on birth control. 

Still, there has been much incredulity over the all-male contraception panel on the Hill, and over Rush Limbaugh's calling Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke a slut (see Eugene Volokh, ATL).  Normally I would say the best way to treat Limbaugh is to ignore him--or better yet, boycott his sponsors.

But I will say: Good for Georgetown and Georgetown Law.  Hoya Saxa.  You made me proud.

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