April 22, 2012
Special Forum: JOBS Act
Posted by Usha Rodrigues

As announced last week, we at the Glom are pleased to be hosting a special forum this week on the JOBS Act.  In that announcement I included some links for those interested in getting up to speed on the Act.  Here's a link to the main text, weighing in at a slender 22 pages.

But what a lot those 22 pages contain!  We're fortunate to have Joan Heminway and Bob Thompson to steer us through some of the exciting issues the JOBS Act poses for securities regulation.  And we're hoping to hear from some regular Glommers and Masters along the way.

Here's our schedule for the week:

Monday 4/23: Introductory remarks and overview

Tuesday 4/24: Increase in 12(g) shareholders from 500 to 2000

Wednesday 4/25: The IPO on-ramp and emerging growth companies

Thursday 4/26: Crowdfunding

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