May 13, 2012
Social Enterprise Symposium: Regent Law
Posted by Haskell Murray

There is still so much about benefit corporations (and social enterprise in general) that could be written about.  I was only able to scratch the surface during my short guest blogging stint, but I will continue to explore the issues in an article I am currently writing for American University’s Business Law Review.  I will provide the Glom with an SSRN-link when I post the article.  

Also, on Saturday, October 6, 2012, our main law review here at Regent University School of Law is hosting a symposium on social enterprise.  The symposium will be held on our beautiful campus in Virginia Beach, VA (pictured below).  We already have an impressive group confirmed (listed below) and plan to add one or two additional speakers. 

Each of our guests brings a unique perspective and an incredible amount of knowledge to the symposium.  I linked to their profiles because I would have to do 7 separate posts to even touch on all of their many accomplishments.  Two or three Regent law professors (including me) will moderate and contribute.

We at Regent University School of Law are incredibly excited about the upcoming symposium (even if it is still months away) and hope some of the readers will join us.  I will provide more information about the symposium to the permanent Glom bloggers when we get closer to the date.

Feel free to e-mail our excellent symposium editor Rachel Bauer at symposium[at] if you would like more information.

Regent Campus2

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