July 30, 2012
Love the Olympics!
Posted by Christine Hurt

I hope that you having been enjoying the last 3 days of Olympic fever and that life hasn't made you so crusty and cynical that you dismiss it at all worthless, expensive hype.

I love the Olympics!

My favorite moments so far: 

James Bond/Daniel Craig having a surreal moment with the actual Queen of England (so cool!);

hearing my son say "they look American" no matter which country's team was walking in front of the camera, no matter if the persons were from Asia, Europe, Africa or the Americas;

being about the 200,000th person to watch the USA swim team Call Me Maybe video on Friday, and today being about the 3,000,000th;

buying two "I HEART TYLER MCGILL" t-shirts from Tyler's mom here in Champaign to get ready for Thursday's 100 meter fly event;

watching Ryan Lochte win on Saturday night and lecturing my children on how every once in awhile, the person who wins is the person who works hardest and wants it the most;  and

watching Misty May-Treanor and Kerry Walsh-Jennings keep their undefeated Olympic beach volleyball streak going.

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