September 05, 2012
Podcasts Enjoyed Recently
Posted by David Zaring

My affection for audio learning began with regular three hour weekend drives - but that really was the era of the audiobook.  A renewed commitment to multitasking at playgrounds and bicycle commuting, however, has moved me towards a new and different form of aural occupation - the podcast.  I listen to - no, really - every one of the University of Chicago's faculty podcasts, but after a while grew tired of trying to find other academic law related ones (tracking through iTunes to download one-off conferences at, say, Duke or Southwestern gets old).  Still, not everyday has to be about the Guardian's hilarious Football Weekly, or Slate's uniformly excellent daily podcast (though it says something about Slate that even though the podcasters and subjects change, depending on the day of the week, I look forward to each of them).  

I've enjoyed being able to use Downcast to pick and choose among Council on Foreign Relations talks - they do something on international economic policy about once every fortnight.  Bloomberg law has a good IP law podcast on occasion.  I'm at a business school, so I get plenty out of Knowledge at Wharton.  Planet Money is always good.  And so is a class, on occasion - I've liked Robert Schiller's finance class at Yale, and I'm enjoying David Blight's civil war class. 

But I'm always interested in learning about podcasts that I'm missing out on.  Do let me know if there are some you like.

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