October 08, 2012
Should You Read The Jamie Dimon Profile In VF?
Posted by David Zaring
It's not really groundbreaking - the news is that Dimon was in play to be the CEO of Home Depot, likes a martini, got a pep talk from Tom Brady, and is pretty arrogant - but VF's profile is still worth a perusal.  You get a sense that Dimon relies on his Harvard Business School alumni network, and that's one of the things that top business schools sell, and so will be relieved to see.  Either Dimon or the authors can't really explain why he is so angry about regulation under Dodd-Frank, and whether he should be blamed for those London Whale trades that did so poorly.  But still, you get some background.  With the Times leading with a story about a subordinate Dimon fired for the London Whale trade - and, as it turns out, he gets rid of most of his loyal subordinates, eventually - it is Jamie Dimon week.  He seems like a talented executive.  But in no way does he make me think that with experts like him at the helm, too big to fail isn't so big after all.

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