February 27, 2013
I think the WSJ could use an obits editor
Posted by Usha Rodrigues

I learned a lot from yesterday's C. Everett Koop obituary yesterday.  Koop, the U.S. surgeon general from 1981-89 was a figure I dimly remembered from high school, and the WSJ painted a sympathetic portrait of an evangelical Christian who used his bully pulpit to address social issues like AIDS and smoking in ways that dismayed some of his conservative supporters.

One paragraph stood out, however, and I think for the full effect you need to see the newsprint, so I've taken a picture.  Unfortunately it's split across columns.  The paragraph begins thusly:

"Before becoming the nation's chief doctor, Dr. Koop was famed for separating conjoined twins at Children's Hospital of  


As you'll see, that last sentence is a tad misplaced.  When it recurs the second time, it's a little less jarring (although perhaps not for the rabbits and cats in question).
Afforded me a chuckle over breakfast yesterday.


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