June 06, 2013
Game of Thrones Confusion
Posted by Usha Rodrigues

I guess people can keep secrets way better than I thought.

I discovered George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire in about 2008 and devoured it despite the quality of the series diminishing markedly after the first few books.  I haven't read 2011's A Dance with Dragons yet, largely because of this sneaking suspicion.

Still, I remember them fondly.  Although I haven't been watching, I've been pleased with the fanaticism inspired by HBO's adaptation, now in its third season.  But this Sunday (spoiler alert--that is, if you haven't been on Facebook, watched the news, or talked to anyone this week--do not read further or click on the below links) something big happened at the Red Wedding.  

So I remember this scene from the books.  Vividly.  Which brings me to my confusion: how, in the modern information age, were so many people taken by surprise?  I'm genuinely curious:.  After all, as this interview with the showrunners observes, the news was "only a mouse-click away for the curious to find."  Any ideas?  

Also, you might enjoy this interview with GRRM on writing the scene.

Update:  I've enjoyed the comments, and want to clarify: what I'm confused about is why there isn't some website/general jerk out there 2 weeks ago trumpeting, "Guess what's coming?  Something bad!"  Maybe I have too dim a view of human nature.  Or maybe our newsfeeds are so fragmented now that it's easy to avoid such voices.  I guess that's what the comments suggest?  It seems so precarious to build a business around trusting that people won't give away the end or spoil it for others.  But I guess it worked.

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