July 30, 2013
Sorry ABA, I Don't Want to Click My Heels
Posted by Christine Hurt

Ugh.  Maybe I'm overreacting, but I was not overcome with a feeling of gender equity today when I received an email from the ABA this morning. The ABA Presidential Task Force on Gender Equity wants me to join a Virtual March for Gender Equity. How do I do this?  By "clicking my heels" with a mouse click.  In case I don't know what heels look like for my gender, the ABA has slapped this icon of 4 or 5 inch stilletto heels on my email and all over its webpage.

AbaclickUm, that's lame.  There's nothing that says equity more than imagining a female attorney in shoes that are made more for nighttime party activities than working as an attorney.  High heels, particularly sky-high heels, in red nonetheless, aren't really associated with gender equity.  They are associated with sexy fashions and foot problems.  I don't think I can "march" either virtually or literally in those shoes.

And of course, the person we associate with the phrase "click my heels" and red sparkly shoes is a young teenage girl in a gingham dress and pigtails.

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