July 29, 2013
The Fannie/Freddie Suit Against The Government
Posted by David Zaring

In DealBook, Steve Davidoff and I have a take on Perry Capital's interesting, and Ted Olson led, suit against the government after it changed the dividend payment rules for unextinguished but unresolved Fannie and Freddie shares that remained outstanding during the financial crisis.  A taste:

[B]y 2012, Fannie and Freddie unexpectedly turned back into profitable firms. Seeking a way to keep the common and preferred stock worth nothing, the government changed the way the two paid their dividends in a fashion that meant all dividends went directly to Treasury – that any remaining common and preferred-stock holders would receive nothing.

Perry Capital has accumulated both common and preferred stock in the two entities before this change, and now wants those dividends to be paid to those shareholders once the government’s priority preferred stock has received its 10 percent. It argues that the government failed to justify the change in dividend payments.

Do give it a look.  Let us know your thoughts, either over here or over there.


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