February 15, 2014
On Ice
Posted by Usha Rodrigues

Like Urska, that's how I've been the past week.  No school, 3 children at home, Tuesday-Thursday.  Cooped up because of ice 2 of those days.  It was brutal, I'm not going to lie to you.

Two technological innovations made the weather burdens a tiny bit easier to bear.  First, an app: Fitstar, which aims to deliver a personalized workout based on a fitness test and nearly continuous feedback you provide as to your goals and how hard or easy you perceive each exercise to be.  I am not a fitness freak by any means, but I do like to exercise at least every other day.  Ideally I am outside running, but a torn meniscus had me searching for other options all fall.  Even now, blessedly cleared to run again, there are some times when weather keeps you indoors.  Enter Fitstar, which gives you a pretty good, and varied, workout without the need for space, weights, etc.  It helped keep me sane this past week.

Second, school closings perforce means that I'm behind on my lectures.  In my Lifecycle of the Corporation class in particular that's a problem, since it's a seminar with a pretty tight schedule.  So Thursday after the kids went down I recorded a lecture that approximates the introduction to IPOs class.  It's not perfect, since there's no student interaction, and the production value is a bit lacking, but I think it gets the job done.  

An unlooked-for benefit is that I am implementing, at least for one class, the flipped classroom that has intrigued me so much in theory, but for which I've lacked the initiative to try on my own. I used the Photobooth function on my Mac and was able to upload the resultant video to TWEN with only a minor amount of inconvenience.  Generally I'm a late adopter, but needs must.

Finally, let me emphasize, although the uses of technology might be sweet, I am all done with cold weather adversity.  All done.

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