June 10, 2014
Emory Law Conference on Teaching Transactional Law and Skills
Posted by Usha Rodrigues

On Friday I had the pleasure of attending Emory Law's Fourth Biennial Conference on Teaching Transactional Law and Skills.  This is always a fun conference, and it was nice to see old Friends of Glom like Joan Heminway--who I'm pleased to welcome to new gig as a permablogger at Business Law Prof Blog! Congrats BLPB on that excellent acquisition!

I enjoyed the keynote from Tina Stark, who re-imagined the law school curriculum using some insights from Cornell's veterinary school.  I then attended Joan's panel with co-blogger Marcia Narine--both of whom are doing exciting things in the classroom to supplement their students' learning experiences.  Joan has students draft board resolutions, and Marcia uses several exercises.  As everyone knows, scaling is the kicker in introducing skills into traditional doctrinal courses--almost everyone thinks it's a great idea, but everyone also struggles with scaling feedback.  My question to the panel was, "Do you sleep?" and the answer, to my chagrin, was "Not much!"

My colleague Carol Morgan and I next presented on our Business Ethics class, which it occurs to me I haven't blogged much about. It's a really fun class, and I'll try to blog about it more this summer.

Unfortunately I missed Saturday's talks, but kudos to Emory on a great conference!

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