June 09, 2014
The New Thing In Podcasting
Posted by David Zaring

I like podcasts so much (Gordon does too) that the number to which I subscribe is getting a little ridiculous.  But these things have affected consumption recently:

  • Bloomberg Law sounds like old school AM radio, with AM newsy questions and radio voices.  It's really pretty useful with one in depth story and some headlines, and they spend plenty of time on business topics.
  • The Gist, with Mike Pesca, is a new daily thing that is a combination of NPR, low production values, and personality-driven AM radio.  Not businessy, but I really like it so far.  Somebody compared it to a meatball sandwich with a really gooey fontina.
  • Double speed playback.  Absolutely essential if you're going to get through these, the other podcasts I enjoy, and various entertaining history podcasts, like classes at Yale, the History of Rome, the History of England, the History of Byzantium ... and you get used to the fast-talking pretty quickly.  I now try to mimic it in my daily life, much to the consternation of my family.

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