October 12, 2015
Hello and Congrats to Angus Deaton
Posted by Matt Bodie

Hello!  Many thanks to Christine for her warm welcome post, and thanks to all the bloggers at the Glom for letting me hop on board.  I had a terrific time blogging at PrawfsBlawg, but it has been a while since I did much blogging on corporate and employment law subjects.  There is a ton going on in business law right now, and I look forward to digging into these issues on a more regular basis. 

And it's an auspicious day for me to begin blogging here, as Angus Deaton has just won the Nobel (Riksbank) Prize for Economics.  Deaton is a professor at my alma mater, as well as the father of my classmate and friend Rebecca Deaton.  It looks like the university had a nice celebration for him this afternoon.

You might expect that the choice of Deaton would be lauded by progressive scholars, as Deaton's recent work focuses on issues of poverty and inequality.  And you'd be right.  But Marginal Revolution's Tabarrok and Cowen also sing Deaton's praises.  They highlight not only his earlier technical work, such as the Almost Ideal Demand System and the Deaton Paradox, but also his emphasis on careful empirical work in understanding and measuring world poverty.  His work shows that investigating the scope and depth of global poverty is not just for wild-eyed leftists.

I've had Deaton's popular book "The Great Escape" in my nightstand pile for a while.  Part of the point of Nobel recognition, I think, is that it will prompt a wider audience to take a look at his work.  I look forward to reading it.

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