December 14, 2015
The 100th for the Chairman of the Board
Posted by Matt Bodie

Over the weekend Frank Sinatra would have turned 100.  Although much of his act and image seem hopelessly -- often offensively -- anachronistic, his music endures in a way that few musicians' will.  On Saturday This American Life reran their 1997 Sinatra tribute episode with new commentary, and you can hear host Ira Glass fighting through various of his feelings toward Sinatra, his banter, his persona, and his voice.  Part of the TAL episode features Gay Talese reading from his iconic article, "Frank Sinatra Has a Cold", and if you haven't read it yet, there's no better time than the present.  (And if you have read it, here's a nice behind-the-scenes piece on the article itself.)  But enough talkin' -- where's the music?  I've always enjoyed the breeziness of "Come Fly With Me."  On the aforementioned TAL episode, Sarah Vowell makes a compelling case for "What Is This Thing Called Love?" A good friend of mine does a great karaoke version of "That's Life," while my wife and I always like to close out karaoke with "New York, New York."  And then of course, there's "My Way."  If this is all too much for you, you may enjoy the Sid Vicious version.

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