December 08, 2015
"The Big Short" is coming to town
Posted by Matt Bodie

If you're reading this blog, this is probably old news, but Michael Lewis's angled take the 2008 financial crisis will be hitting theaters on December 25.  It's got some big names, too -- Christian Bale, Steve Carell, and Brad Pitt.  In this Lewis-to-film production, Pitt plays a less prominent role -- Bale is the one-eyed doctor Michael Burry and Carell is hedge fund savant Mark Baum, who for some reason is Steve Eisman but is not named Steve Eisman.  (And Mr. Pitt is "Ben Rickert" rather than Ben Hockett.)  Adam McKay directs.  New York Magazine had a nice cover story on the movie -- here's a passage:

Like the collection of derivatives Carell had finished sketching, The Big Short: The Movie is a very weird product — for starters, it’s a comedy about deadly serious things and a leftish movie lionizing hedge-funders. Nor is it a solid investment, not in these distractible, budget-minded, please-everyone times. As a package, it is composed of bets upon bets upon bets. . . .

And then there’s the riskiest tranche of all: the bet that those who do see it will come away with not just an understanding of what a CDO looks like but a fuller awareness of the cornucopia of [unfortunate] human behavior that led to the Biggest Financial Collapse Since the Great Depression and that it will cause them to reflect on those traumatic events, which have arguably never been properly processed despite their corrosive effects on our politics and culture and psychology. And that ultimately this experience will lead to some kind of reckoning that causes us to face uncomfortable truths about responsibility and financial capitalism and our entire way of life.

Looking forward to it (and to Christine's review)!

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