February 22, 2016
New Legal Podcast: SLU Law Summations
Posted by Matt Bodie

Despite the huge growth in podcasting, there has not been a big boom in ongoing law professor pods -- at least, nothing along the lines of the blawg boom of the last decade.  There's U Chicago and UC Irvine, and the Internet centers at Harvard and Stanford, but I have not found a lot of other law schools that are consistently 'casting.  Not too many law profs regularly podcasting either, beyond the inimitable Turner & Miller at Oral Argument, as well as Terry & Pasquale at TWIHL.  And I'm nostalgic for Law Talk -- ahead of its time.  (If you know of others -- please leave them in the comments!)

My own school has just started a podcasting series called SLU Law Summations.  You can find it here, and on iTunes here.  Marcia McCormick is first up with her discussion of women in the workplace (and our upcoming symposium), while I have one on the employment ramifications of Internet shaming.  Corie Dugas is our amazingly professional interlocutor.  They are short -- 15-20 minutes.  Hope you check it out and subscribe if you like the law talk.

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