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Valentine's day sign-off. (February 14, 2010)

Thanks to the Glom community for letting me guest-blog with you for the last two weeks. It's been a blast.... (Category: )

The Organizational Sentencing Guidelines: Part II (February 12, 2010)

A few days ago, I blogged about the proposed amendments to the Organizational Sentencing Guidelines, which provide guidelines for federal... (Category: Corporate Governance)

A glorious day of snow (February 10, 2010)

My law school was closed today on account of the snow. Part of me would like to tell you that... (Category: )

The Confusing Tale of Bank of America (February 09, 2010)

What happens when: (a) a state attorney general charges that the officers of a financial institution are garden variety fraudsters,... (Category: Current Affairs)

Corporate Crime and Entitivity (February 07, 2010)

On Friday, I attended and moderated a panel for an extremely interesting Symposium at Brooklyn in honor of our former... (Category: Crime and Criminal Law)

Proposed Amendments to the Organizational Sentencing Guidelines. Part I: Document Retention Policies. (February 04, 2010)

In January, the United States Sentencing Commission released proposed amendments to the Sentencing Guidelines, which included amendments to those guidelines... (Category: Crime and Criminal Law)

Predicting the future in white collar sentencing (February 03, 2010)

By way of White Collar Crime Prof Blog, I recently read an account of a sentencing of a securities dealer... (Category: White Collar Crime)

The SEC and .... porn? (February 02, 2010)

According to the WSJ Blog (which quotes the Washington Times), the SEC may have had some oversight problems of its... (Category: )

What is (should be) the boundary of the SIG Tarp's authority? (February 02, 2010)

Last week, Neil Barofsky, the Special Inspector General of the TARP, released his latest report on the implementation of the... (Category: )

Thanks for having me (February 01, 2010)

Thanks so much to Gordon and the gang for inviting me to guest blog. As Gordon noted in his introduction,... (Category: Business Ethics)

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