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Thanks (January 30, 2006)

Thanks to Gordon, Christine and Vic for the opportunity to guest blog on the world's best business, law, economics &... (Category: )

Traveling Cash (January 27, 2006)

This has nothing to do with Disney or Pixar, but is perhaps an interesting diversion. According to this AP story,... (Category: )

Audio Law Books? (January 21, 2006)

Christine's post about commuting for a visit at another law school reminded me of an idea I have that I... (Category: Miscellany)

I Feel Dizzy and Annoyed (January 21, 2006)

In today's W$J, a story on Bush's plan to increase the tax benefits associated with health savings accounts (HSAs). If... (Category: Rants)

Wham-O (January 20, 2006)

Hula hoops, frisbees, hacky-sacks, the superball--what's more American...uh, not so fast. Just sold to Cornerstone Overseas Investments Ltd., a Hong... (Category: Globalization/Trade)

The Shatner Stone (January 18, 2006)

If he sold his kidney, he might need legal representation, but this was only a kidney stone, so I guess... (Category: Popular Culture)

Thanks for the welcome (January 17, 2006)

Thanks so much for the warm welcome--it's always a pleasure to have the opportunity to chime in on the Conglomerate.... (Category: )

darwin's nightmare (March 28, 2005)

During my trip to Tanzania I reflected a lot about the patterns that have been created by globalization, in this... (Category: Globalization/Trade)

reverberations (March 25, 2005)

There is an article in the NY Times today that illustrates some of the tensions I've been discussing over the... (Category: Globalization/Trade)

last post from the coast (March 24, 2005)

It's the beginnings of the rainy season here in Tanzania. Coming in torrential downpours that flood the streets causing mass... (Category: Travel)

blogging women (March 23, 2005)

I've been following with interest the recent discussion on gender segregation in teaching and blogging. I wasn't aware of the... (Category: Gender Issues)

Please stand by... (March 20, 2005)

...this country is experiencing technical difficulties. After city-wide internet service outages for the past couple of days, Dar Es Salaam... (Category: Travel)

Easy come, easy go (March 16, 2005)

As the recent Jobs Act shows, there appears to be little shortage of corporate influence when it comes to tax... (Category: Globalization/Trade)

Time zones (March 13, 2005)

As I make my way across the time zones to Dar es Salaam (the capital city of Tanzania, with a... (Category: Globalization/Trade)

Thanks (March 10, 2005)

Hello and thanks to Gordon and Christine for the warm welcome and the opportunity to guest blog. As Gordon mentioned,... (Category: Miscellany)

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