A Non-exclusive List of Blog Policies & Disclaimers

No Legal Advice

Practicing law is not our calling in life. If you have come to this site looking for legal advice, you have lost your way. Turn back. We are neither your lawyers ... nor anyone else's for that matter. When we write about law here, we write as a legal academics, and the materials that appear on this blog are for educational purposes only.

Editing Entries

Once we have posted something, it stays posted, even if we later regret it. Well, most of the time anyway. Except for spelling errors or an occasional stylistic edit, which we will perform without telling you, or an occasional gaffe that is just too misleading to leave posted. In any event, if we change our minds about something, we will fess up or just move on, but we won't be sneaky about it.


We enjoy honest and intelligent feedback. We do not enjoy profanity or vulgarity, inflammatory remarks, ad hominem attacks, or marketing. We will delete any comments we find inappropriate, and based on past experience, that will include all spam and very little else.

No Investment Advice

If you are looking for solid advice, try this: don't listen to anything we have to say about investing. If you make an investment based on something you have read on this blog, don't blame us if it tanks. You have been warned.
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