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TOTM Book Symposium (March 30, 2009)

Reminder: The TOTM Blog Symposium on Michael Carrier's new book is now underway. Check it out. (Category: )

TOTM Book Symposium (March 20, 2009)

Starting Monday, Truth on the Market will be hosting a blog symposium on Michael Carrier's new book, Innovation for the... (Category: Conferences)

Revised Program - Law and New Institutional Economics (March 16, 2009)

Here is a revised program for the New Institutional Economics conference that Phil Weiser and I are hosting in Boulder... (Category: Conferences)

Law and New Institutional Economics (February 22, 2009)

Phil Weiser and I are hosting a Law and New Institutional Economics workshop for law professors in Boulder on June... (Category: )

Two quick workarounds on executive pay caps (February 04, 2009)

The guidelines on executive pay will present an interesting drafting exercise for the lawyers at Treasury. Off the top of... (Category: )

Fleischer 1, IRS 0 (November 25, 2008)

Details over at TaxProf, where I am guest-blogging this week. (Category: Taxation)

YLJ Pocket Part, Part II on SWF (November 24, 2008)

Part II of the Yale Law Journal Symposium on Sovereign Wealth is now on-line, with contributions by Arina Popova (Cravath)... (Category: Finance)

Desai & Dharmapala on Taxing Sovereign Wealth (November 21, 2008)

The Yale Law Journal Pocket Part has published Part I of its Sovereign Wealth Fund Symposium, including a brief but... (Category: Taxation)

Polsky on Management Fee Conversions (November 07, 2008)

Gregg Polsky (Florida State) has posted a new paper, Private Equity Management Fee Conversions. Here's the abstract: Because of the... (Category: Taxation)

A short abstract (August 24, 2008)

A really short abstract of my sovereign wealth paper, via Wordle: (Category: )

A Theory of Taxing Sovereign Wealth (August 19, 2008)

I've posted my Sovereign Wealth paper on SSRN. The paper will be published in the NYU Law Review in 2009.... (Category: Taxation)

Two and Twenty Shakedown (July 25, 2008)

It's been a year since the peak of the uproar about taxing carried interest. In the year since, the conventional... (Category: Taxation)

Godzilla Meets Two and Twenty (July 15, 2008)

(Category: Taxation)

What cities have advanced regulatory practices? (June 30, 2008)

Danny Sokol asks what determines whether a city's law firms have a critical mass of antitrust practitioners. I've been thinking... (Category: Antitrust)

Horse Fund 2&20 (June 09, 2008)

The WSJ reports that some high profile horse trainers are sponsoring an investment fund that will buy promising thoroughbreds, complete... (Category: Taxation)

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