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Conglomerate.gifWe at Conglomerate are inveterate tools tinkerers, and we have decided that everyone would benefit if some of our experiments were conducted off the main page of the blog. Thus, this page. It exists for the sole purpose of experimenting with new internet tools. Feel free to browse, and if you think of anything that we might find interesting, drop us a line.

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Tags & Typepad
If you haven't heard of tags, check out Technorati's tag page. The quick story is that tags are like categories, and people use them to search topics. So if you are interested in music, you can search the music tag (the search is simply "tag:music") and get results like this. It's pretty cool!

Where do people find tagged content? In addition to Technorati, the big tag sites are and flickr (photos). By the way, the practice of tagging like this has generate a new word: folksonomy.

In addition, there are tag search engines popping up all over. For example, there's a service called taggregator, which produces "music" results like this from and flickr: . You might also try Find Forward from a developer in Germany.

The Good News for Typepad Users: Typepad automatically "tags" your posts using the categories feature.

The Bad News for Typepad Users: Technorati does not automatically include the posts on a tag page. According to Technorati's site:
Once you have posted the tagged post, there are two ways to have your post included on a Technorati Tag page:

* If your blog software is configured to ping Technorati, congratulations! You're done!
* If your blog software does not support automatic pinging, or you haven't set it up yet, or you're not sure, you can manually ping us here. You might also want to configure your blog software to ping us automatically so you don't have to do that every time.
Unfortuntely, Typepad does not support automatic pings to Technorati. If you are interested in pinging Technorati when you post, you need to insert this url in the TrackBack box:

Last updated: March 8, 2005