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Thoughts on Lateral Hiring and Look-sees (February 14, 2005)

First, welcome to my co-clerk Vic Fleischer. It's great to be sharing a blog with him for a week. Now,... (Category: Law Schools/Lawyering)

Ribstein on The Aviator (February 11, 2005)

In noting my earlier posts (here and here) on his paper on business and films, Larry Ribstein points out that... (Category: Popular Culture)

Capitalist Manifesto (February 10, 2005)

Steve Bainbridge has a response to my previous post on public pension funds. I had argued that public pension funds... (Category: Corporate Governance)

Corporations and the Oscars (February 10, 2005)

In my previous post I discussed Larry Ribstein's paper on films and firms. Although I am not fully convinced by... (Category: Popular Culture)

Ribstein on Film (February 10, 2005)

Larry Ribstein recently posted on the bad business sense of Hollywood filmmakers. This post relates to a draft paper he... (Category: Corporate Governance)

Limits on Class Actions (February 09, 2005)

Law and Entrepreneurship News notes that Congress is nearing action on a bill to limit class action suits. I can't... (Category: Law & Economics)

Does Corporate Law Do Anything? (February 09, 2005)

Michael Klausner has posted a nice, very brief (5 pages! 3 footnotes! Is he really a law professor?) article on... (Category: Corporate Governance)

Public and union pension funds (February 08, 2005)

California's governor is suggesting reform of the public pension system in a way that over time could seriously reduce the... (Category: Corporate Governance)

The SEC Gets It Doubly Wrong on Shareholder Access (February 08, 2005)

Earlier today Christine noted a WSJ article on the state of the SEC's proposed shareholder nomination rule. The SEC has... (Category: Securities)

Criteria for Corporate Law (February 07, 2005)

Thank you very much to Gordon and Christine for allowing me to guest blog. I enjoyed each of their earlier... (Category: Corporate Governance)

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