December 22, 2004


While Christine is basking in the (relative) warmth of the Atlantic on the Outer Banks, I will be holding down the fort here in Madison.

"Zero" was the temperature as I drove to work today. That's cold. Until this week, temperatures in Madison have been relatively mild, by my standards. When the mercury is in the 20s or 30s, no problem. When they reach the teens, I find it a bit brisk. But temperatures in the single digits are painful.

At that point, my behavior starts to change. If I am driving, my main concern becomes finding a parking spot that minimizes the distance between my car and the closest building. If I am walking, like I was just now on State Street, closer stores become more attractive stores. The law school building is only about halfway up Bascom Hill, but I was so busy trying to shield my face from the cold that I was puffing like a race horse at the end of the Kentucky Derby by the time I reached the entrance. According to, the official temperature in Madison is 7F, but it feels like -4F. Ouch!

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