December 22, 2004

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Border's is taking pre-orders ... for July! I have read Books I-V, and I find them mostly entertaining and somewhat frustrating. That latter bit for all of the same reasons as everyone else: because Rowling has been too sloppy in putting the story together, because she rips off Tolkein (then again, what fantasy writer isn't indebted to Tolkein?), etc.

We were early adopters of the Harry Potter books, at least by American standards. I found one in a Border's in Arizona on the first day they were on display and bought it for my daughter because it looked interesting. My daughter was 10, and when she started the book for the thrid time, we started to pay attention. She is no longer crazy for Potter, but he has been an important part of her childhood. We will definitely be on the pre-order list.

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